Who are Kropp Circle?

Kropp Circle is a super-charged pop-rock band out of Las Vegas and possibly the best new youth band in America. Kropp Circle comprises three over-achieving musical brothers who write their own songs based on their life experiences—and although one could argue that they've lived a short slice of life - their songs prove they are paying attention. With their eyes wide open and their minds engaged, displaying skill and pathos beyond their years, Kropp Circle has a voice, has something to say, and says it with conviction. Join the circle and listen.

Sebastian Danzig Kropp, 18, was born 07.01.92. He's the guitarist of Kropp Circle. My name is Rita and I'm from Portugal. I'm a huge fan of Kropp Circle. I love them :)

Remington Leith Kropp, 16, was born 05.05.94. He's the lead singer of Kropp Circle. He also plays the piano.

Emerson Barrett Kropp, 14, was born 11.22.96. He's the drummer of Kropp Circle. He also sings backups and plays the piano.